April 16 2007, April 16 2017…and now

In March and April 2017, a group of international artists and Blacksburg community members came together to commemorate those lost in the VT shooting, to imagine a future of hope and peace amidst the scars and to dip their toes into how we might get there. The story continues….

Welcome to the online home of The Space Between project. This is where you will find updates, snippets, thoughts, material from the active dialogues, moments in practice, an online recording of the step by step experience of the project from its team members…please feel free to respond and extend the conversation far and wide.

What A Stranger May Know by Erik Ehn was read/performed publicly on March 25th 2017 @Henderson Lawn by a cast of community members

ACTIVE DIALOGUES followed, to continue the conversations from (Be)longing, a community based-performance project at Moss Arts Centre and What A Stranger May Know

“Community – Who We Are”
“Language And The Media – How Do We Talk About This?”
“Time – April 2007 to 2017”
“Action – What does our future community look like?”

Learn more on our blog about the project from 2017, subsequent reflections and possible actions as we continue forward.



Take a look at 'What A Stranger May Know' by Erik Ehn from Brown University 2012